Commscope Standard Rack 15U 600×800 1-1427503-2


COMMSCOPE Standard Rack 600X800, 15U, Flat Perforate Door


Modular knock-down, full assembled and

easy to assembly on site.

– Material :cold rolled steel, white sheet comply

to RoHS standard, frame made of 2mm steel

durable and rustproof. Front, back door and

side cover is 1.2mm thickness able to adjust

depth for all 4 poles.

– Front door, 80% Flat Perforate area, steel

4.20mm diameter, 4.76mm pitch, with handle

lock for security able to setup to open from

left or right side.

– Back door, Flat Perforate steel, 4.20mm

diameter, 4.76mm pitch, double side, 2 small

half door for space saving with turn lock key

for security.

– Side cover, metal plate able to move with

latch lock and key

– Stands, four stand metal, easy to adjust.

– Casters, four Nylon caster, on 3mm base

stand, able to turn 360 degree easy to move.

– Cable routing from top and bottom, top roof

hole able to install ventilation fan set 2 – 6

fans and able to close with blank plate if not


– Static loading 1000 Kg.

– Ground system, all part are bonding together

with grounding cable kits.

– Include cable tray left and right for 800 Series

– Accessory provides M6 bolts, and cage nuts.

– Color, Black, Black Powder Epoxy, Electro

Static painting.

– Electro Galvanized Material available on


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